Normal toileting and normal toilet training

What is normal during toilet training? What can I expect from the toilet training process with my toddler or child? When do I need extra help?

You may have heard people talking about “normal toilet training” or “typical toilet training”. When it comes to toilet training though, it is difficult to say what can be defined as normal.

At the Mars Clinic, we believe there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach, and our continence physiotherapists work within a broad range of what is considered normal.

This approach allows us to tailor our information and services to suit the needs of each unique child when it comes to daytime wetting, bedwettingconstipation, soiling, and more.

This approach can be taken with the toilet training process too.

potty building blocks

First time toilet training?

Are you preparing to set out on your first toilet training journey with your child? If so, then this toilet training process is all new to you.

You may find it hard to judge:

Returning to toilet training?

Are you looking for additional information and support to prepare you for your next round of toilet training?

Perhaps your first experience with toilet training proved rather difficult, or you want to take another approach this time.

Whatever your current situation, we can help!

By understanding how typical bladder and bowel function works, and the general pathways that toilet training usually takes, you will be better equipped to understand how your child fits into the toilet training puzzle, and where you should focus your energy.

Below, we have provided some handy tidbits to start you off (or to refresh your memory, if you have been down the toilet training path before)!

wees and poos

How do wees and poos work?

Having an understanding of how the bladder and bowels work can help you to explain it in simple terms to your children, which can help them to understand the “how” and “why” of going to the toilet.

how long will toilet training take

How long does toilet training take?

There are certainly some people who believe it is possible to toilet train in a very short time period. In our experience, the length of the toilet training process will depend on several factors.

night time training

Dry Nights

A lot of families feel pressured to start “night time training”, especially when they hear that other children are dry at night, or previous siblings were already dry by this age. When should you expect your child to be dry at night?

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