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Equipment for toilet training

What do I need for toilet training? What is recommended?

The toilet training process often requires you to invest in a few bits and bobs that will assist you and your child on this journey. 

From basic potties to toilet targets that shine lights into the toilet or change colour when they get wee on them, there are any number of products you could use to help you during this process.

We will add to and update our lists of products and gadgets over time, as this will allow us to keep up with your needs and preferences as toilet training parents and carers.

Below, we have two sections for you to explore: Standard Toilet Training Equipment and Toilet Training Gadgets & Extras

Note: These are our thoughts and recommendations only (even when we say “must-have”), so you can pick and choose what will work best for you and your family.

toilet training equipment

Standard toilet training equipment

The must have’s to assist you and your child on the toilet training journey.

Toilet training gadgets & extras

The optional’s that may be of assistance to you and your child on the toilet training journey.

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