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How To Guides

Simple and informative toilet training guides to help your toddler or child on their toilet training journey

The toilet training journey marks a very busy and stressful time in yours and your child’s lives, and sometimes you need an answer to a toilet training or potty training question – and you need it fast!

Below, we outline some of the most pressing toilet training issues and processes – offering you some simple “how to” suggestions through our toilet training guides.

toilet training guides

If you work through the information below and still require some assistance, you can receive more of our expert advice through our Toilet Training Program or in consultation with one of our Mars Clinic continence therapists.

start toilet training

Getting Started

How do you know if you and your child are ready to start this toilet training process?

How do you make a start on day 1?

toilet training rewards

Using Rewards

How do you use a reward chart?

How can you use other systems & strategies of rewards to help with toilet training?

toilet training and going out

Going Out

How should you prepare to leave the house?

How can you manage accidents while you are out and about?

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