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Toilet training for toddlers and children

Welcome to your toilet training basecamp – a one stop shop for all your toilet and potty training information needs.

We understand that those early years of your parenting lives can be overwhelming and stressful, and sometimes just downright crazy!
And then – all of a sudden – your child is walking and talking and could be ready to start learning how to use the toilet. Yikes!

At the Mars Clinic, our continence physiotherapists have noticed that a lot of the information we give to parents and families, while treating continence problems, is information that could be highly useful for the everyday parent starting the toilet training or potty training journey with their toddler or child.

So, when parents tell us they feel stressed and anxious around this time, and they feel worried they might not be doing the right thing – we see this as a unique opportunity to provide expert support and guidance.

There can be a lot of conflicting information around, and it can be hard to work out exactly what is right for you and your child or what information you can trust.

It is okay to need a little bit of help. And that is where we come in.

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On this website…

Our aim is to provide you with relevant information that you can apply to your individual situation. We genuinely believe there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

We have lots of information to share with you, including:

  • What is within the range of "normal" during toilet training
  • “How To” guides to help you through the various stages of this process with your toddler or child
  • Equipment and supply recommendations
  • Common problems faced by parents and carers - and how to overcome them

If you need additional support, we can provide that too – through our Toilet Training Program or through a consultation with one of our experienced continence physiotherapists.

Continue scrolling to browse through our toilet training information!

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Normal Toileting & Toilet Training

Learn more about the development of typical bladder and bowel function, and how that relates to your child’s progression through toilet training.

how to toilet train

"How To" Guides

How should I start?
What do I do on day 1? Should I use a reward program? How do I leave the house for the first time?
Gain valuable ideas with our “How To” guides.

potty training, standard toilet training equipment

Equipment & Supplies

Unsure of what equipment you need for toilet training?
Read on for insights into our must-have items as well as info on some popular toilet training “gadgets”.

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Common Challenges

Toilet training does not always go to plan. See examples of common challenges encountered by many families, and frequently asked questions during toilet training.

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