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Non-Invasive Urodynamics

What Sets Us Apart?

The Mars Clinic is the first children’s continence clinic in Queensland, and one of only a few in Australia, to utilise non-invasive, cutting-edge technology — this makes it a novel and exciting way to assess and treat common bladder and bowel problems.

In addition to standard urotherapy, the Mars Clinic uses non-invasive urodynamics, diagnostic ultrasound, Urostym™ biofeedback and TENS neuromodulation. Here’s a little bit of information about each of them…

What is Non-Invasive Urodynamics?

Urodynamics is the study and measure of the flow of urine in the urinary tract. At the Mars Clinic we practice non-invasive urodynamics using a computerised Uroflow system and Diagnostic Ultrasound machine.
Urodynamic Assessment

Assessments and treatments at the Mars Clinic are provided by advanced-trained Physiotherapists. The type of assessment will vary depending on the cause of the problem and the needs of the individual. Mars Clinic Physiotherapists use the information provided by urodynamic assessments to tailor specific treatment programs for bladder and bowel disorders.


What is a Uroflow?

Assessment using the Uroflow allows us to measure bladder volumes and urine flow rates, which are then sent via Bluetooth to the main computer for analysis. These measurements are the cornerstone of diagnosis in children after toilet training. The Mars Clinic’s Uroflow system has the added benefit of being able to measure muscle activity during flow tests, if indicated. Sensors placed on the surface of the skin on the lower tummy, hips and perineum provide simultaneous recordings of pelvic floor and muscle activity, which increase the value of the urodynamic analysis.

Diagnostic Ultrasound

What is a Diagnostic Ultrasound?

An external Diagnostic Ultrasound is also commonly used in non-invasive urodynamics as an assessment and treatment tool. Ultrasound may be used to measure:

Diagnostic Ultrasound may also be used as a biofeedback tool as it allows you to actually see your own muscles working and helps you to learn the correct muscle action.

For details regarding Urostym™ Biofeedback and TENS Neuromodulation, please click here.