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Consultation fees

Professional Fees

We provide one-on-one appointments with only an appropriate number of treatments. Physiotherapy is claimable through private health fund ‘extras’ cover.

As bladder and bowel conditions can be long-term issues, you may be able to access Medicare funding via a Medicare Team Care Arrangement or Enhanced Primary Care Program. Speak with your General Practitioner for more information and to find out if this type of funding is available for you.

Payment is required at the time of your consultation.
A doctor’s referral is not necessary to see a Physiotherapist in private practice; however a GP or Medical Specialist referral is preferred. We frequently work in partnership with your doctor and communicate with them during and at the completion of treatment.

Payment Options

If you have Private Health Cover with Extras:

*Private health fund electronic claiming service: The amount and type of rebate is dependent upon your private health fund and your level of cover. To determine in advance if you qualify for a rebate, how much the rebate will be, or for more information, please contact your health fund directly.

If you have an EPC / GP Management Plan*:

*You must have a current referral from your GP.
You are required to pay in full for the amount of the treatment, however, we are able to claim your rebate from Medicare immediately, provided you bring your Medicare card and debit card to each appointment.

If you do not have Private Health Cover or an EPC / GP Management Plan: